Education Funding Assistance from the Achmad Bakrie Foundation
  Sept 14, 2015

Yayasan Achmad Bakrie (YAB) was established on June 15, 1981, and was founded by H. Achmad Bakrie with the following members: Mrs. Roosniah Bakrie, Mrs Roosmania Bakrie, Bakrie and Usmansyah Indra Bakrie.

On 14 September 2015 yesterday at the hall of PT Bakrie Pipe Industries, YAB back provide education aid to children of employees of PT. Bakrie Pipe Industries academic achievers from primary school level up to middle school (SMA). As many as 46 children who excel from rank 1-5 from elementary-high school receive tuition assistance fund of YAB. Distribution of grants awarded by Mr. Indra P. Jacobalis as Chief Human Resource Department.

Vision put forward (YAB) is to contribute to the realization of the people who have the ability of education as part of the necessities of life.

It's mission in realizing his vision is to conduct activities that help improve the educational needs of society.

During the grantee still sitting in school and consistently defended his performance, he is still able to get a scholarship from the YAB. Consistency achievement is corroborated by evidence of school report cards for elementary school.