Workshop Objective BMI Group
  Aug 19, 2015

As we know that the condition of the shared national steel industry, this year is estimated to be still depressed, as yet the world steel market is recovering. Until now, the excessive supply (an oversupply) afflicted the world steel industry, because of China's economic slowdown.

See the conditions, the management of PT Bakrie Pipe Industries is still optimistic by implementing training workshops objective for three days from December 19 – 21 August 2015 in Rancamaya Hotel Bogor.

The workshop was scheduled starting at 8.30 pm, attended by participants as many as 100 people of the BMI group namely Bicons Bakrie, Bakrie Metal Fabrication units, EPC, BPI, SEAPI, BKPP and BAKI. The event was held in a meeting room area of Rancamaya golf country club Bogor, and it was opened by Mr. Maswigantoro Roes Setiyadi as CEO of BMI Group.

On the first day, the program was led by Mr. Rhenald Kasali, who is a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, and the Chairman of the Graduate Program of Management Sciences, Faculty of Economics of the university. In addition to moving as an academic man, he, who holds a Ph. D. from the University of Illinois is the also prolific writer. The books he wrote are always a concern among businesses and collected by many and almost all the books became the best sellers.

That morning Mr. Rhenald Kasali conveyed what our business strategy should be, in facing of today's world situation, which is being lethargic as well as the domestic economic conditions are going down. There was a great many studies presented by him to prepare the economic circumstances facing today. In addition the Professor of economic faculty of University of Indonesia (FE UI), Rhenald Kasali, sued passenger mentality that pervades many people in Indonesia. He ensured that young people should be able to get out of the passenger’s mental trap and be a “driver” to reach greater success. Being “a driver” means a person who takes risks, invites people to thrive and get out of the tradition of heading to a better state," he said in the workshop on that day.

They're the ones doing the reforms and take the initiative with compassion. Those who take over the role as a "driver" should always be alert, competent, and honed by experience and education. On the second day, 20 August 2015 workshop objective was conducted simply followed by participants from PT Bakrie Pipe Industries with participants as many as 60 people. The show started right at 08.00 opened by the CEO of PT Bakrie Pipe Industries, Mr. Maswig in the meeting room One Banyan Hotel Rancamaya Bogor.

In his speech, Mr. Maswig said that employees of BPI should increase loyalty and wanted the paradigm change to proceed with sincere. Fix mentality attitude toward work and raising awareness. Proud ness should be maintained as an employee of BPI and optimistic about BPI as the best steel company in Indonesia.

The event would be lasted until evening, resumed on the next day to discuss the conclusion of the agreements that have been made during the day before. Finally, the event was closed with a photo session with all the employees.